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Cylance becomes BlackBerry!

BlackBerry, the name of a Canadian company that most likely sounds familiar from the well-known cell phones of the early years 2000, has since 2016 fully focused on the development of Endpoint Management and Security software. With the acquisition of Cylance, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the level of Cybersecurity software, in 2018, BlackBerry now integrates both technologies perfectly into the existing Endpoint Security Suites like the BlackBerry SPARK. This is BlackBerry’s all-in-one end-to-end security solution. With these suites, the company can now offer a complete security management platform that provides an overview of all endpoints (mobile, desktop, server and IoT) and users in the network. Their motto is Zero Trust Security, don’t trust anything or anyone new in your network, before there has been a check by one of the various applications that contain SPARK. In the upcoming weeks, ...


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