Press Release: Kappa Data introduces

Press Release: Kappa Data introduces

ProxiPass™: the social distancing & proximity tracing tool for the workplace

Companies are allowed to reopen, at least if they can meet the necessary security conditions imposed by our government. The most important condition is to monitor the ‘social distance’ between people.

That’s why we worked on a solution, the ProxiPass™ tool, powered by Kappa Data. It’s easy to implement & easy to monitor solution that tracks and maps the ‘social distance’ between coworkers during their time on the workplace.

“ProxiPass™, social distancing monitoring for companies made easy.”

Supported by Option’s CloudGate, a multi-purpose IoT gateway from the Kappa Data portfolio, the ProxiPass™ tool utilizes CloudGate with a LoRaWan interface on the one hand and a 4G card on the other hand.

This proximity tracing tool applies to every individual in the workplace and requires a badge per person, that needs to be worn at all times when on-site. Each badge has 2 separate functionalities:

1) the personal badge includes a ‘buzzer’ that makes a noise when people don’t respect the minimum social distance. This detection technology is based on Bluetooth. Both timing and distance standards can be programmed.

2) ProxiPass uses LoRaWan protocol and hereby transmits information via the secure gateway to the central management platform, where all data is collected and analyzed.

Via the specialized proximity tracing platform, the administrator can review the collective of the company’s proximity tracing data and is given an overview of possible breaches to the security rules.

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