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Wi-Fi as a Service

Wi-Fi as a service, WaaS for short, revolutionizes your way of working and streamlines every workflow. You will combine the ease of working through wireless networks with the luxury of Kappa Data’s services. Your Wi-Fi based systems will grow along with your business, depending on which type of WaaS you choose. Wireless as a service offers the benefits your company has been waiting for.

Discover what Kappa Data’s WaaS can mean for your business in this whitepaper.

What exactly is Wireless as a service?

Wireless as a service, Wi-Fi as a service or WaaS all mean that you will enjoy the advantages of a completely wireless network, without the hassle. Instead of having to maintain and troubleshoot your own servers and access points, your company will be able to count on other professionals to take care of everything. No configuring portals, adding new access points or growing your own network: Kappa Data does it all for you. Moreover, a system as flexible as Wi-Fi as a service allows you to constantly move at the same speed of industry innovations, bleeding edge technology included. Perfect for all innovators.

What can Kappa Data do for my wireless network?

Kappa Data offers Wi-Fi as a service in two flavors:

Flavor #1: You choose an investment-free solution with a monthly fee and flexible future. You will rent access points, including licenses and services, in a pay-as-you-grow model. Perfect for companies on the rise.

Flavor #2: You already own access points and you would like to leave maintenance to someone else. This flavor requires an upfront investment in licenses and services allowing us to manage and maintain your existing (and new) access points.

Contact the Kappa Data experts for the solution perfectly fitting your company.

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