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Our solution

For most users, Wi-Fi is the obvious way to connect to a network, so strong and stable connections are crucial. The issue is how you, as an integrator, can add value to the end user’s wireless network. Both the type and management of your access points are very important in this respect.

Kappa Data is happy to help you with the design, configuration and maintenance of your Wi-Fi networks. We possess in-depth technical knowledge and the right Wi-Fi solutions and tools to guide you every step of the way.

Technology is continually advancing, so new types of access points are becoming available all the time. The most common type at the moment is Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax. These types of access points offer both the highest speed, and improve the battery life of your mobile devices.

We help you choose the most suitable Wi-Fi solution, and carry out everything from site surveys to the complete configuration of the devices. We’re also happy to help you with implementing location tracking to track devices, assets and people.

Our customers

Kappa Data’s customers always purchase the products and then resell them. Traditionally, these are IT resellers.

In addition to the traditional IT reseller, Kappa Data also supplies products to integrators of picking systems, camera systems, cashier systems and other systems. An integrator needs no in-depth Wi-Fi knowledge at all; a technical presales and support team are on head to assist each partner with development and integration. End customers, on the other hand, are referred to the most suitable, agreed, partner.

Kappa Data also organises training courses to achieve the desired level or certification.

Our method

Each partner is unique, so the way we work together is adapted accordingly. Some of Kappa Data’s partners only need boxes shifting from one place to another, but that isn’t our principal aim. To supplement our partners’ services, Kappa Data can conduct site surveys, investigate problematic Wi-Fi issues, or simply provide an extra pair of hands to bridge a difficult period. Kappa Data doesn’t install access points; it limits itself to configuration and measurement.

Why choose Kappa Data?

Technical expertise

Kappa Data supports resellers and customers with comprehensive technical expertise, training courses and guidance. Our technical and presales teams are always on hand for you!

Personal touch

At Kappa Data, you enjoy a very personal and professional approach; from rapid quotes to demos and customer-friendly service with regular contact people. We’re here for you.

Outstanding service

Kappa Data is a value-added distributor that helps you find solutions. We make sure that all the parties involved are happy, and mediate where necessary should conflict arise.

What our customers say

Anyone can sell hardware, however…
Kappa Data’s technical advice to make the right purchase, the perfect technical after-sales support, and not least the wonderful Kappa Data team, these are the things that make them stand out.
We have been working with Kappa Data since 2004 and they have become part of our DNA. Firewall, Switchen, Wi-Fi, and numerous other products, there’s no doubt about where we’ll buy them.

Mindiro, Marc Verjans

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