NIS2 Directive –

Expanded to Include New Entities

The amended NIS1

Directive ensures our clients meet the highest digital security standards, adapting to the latest European law requirements. It now covers medium and large enterprises in certain sectors, offering flexibility in identifying smaller high-risk companies.

The revision mandates new responsibilities like risk analysis, risk management solutions, system security policies, supply chain security, and developing a Business Continuity Plan. NIS2 intensifies incident reporting requirements and increases penalties for non-compliance, obligating key and important entities to report serious cyberattack incidents within specified deadlines.

NIS2 Directive at a glance:

  • Expanded scope of application. This includes new sectors and industries. Clear definition of essential and critical services.
  • Harmonization Established EU-wide cybersecurity standards.

Obligation to adopt as national law. International network of cooperation in cyber crisis management.

  • More rigorous enforcement controls Monitoring of implementation by national bodies

Various reporting and due diligence obligations

  • More detailed obligations with a broader scope

    Definition of risk management elements and crisis situations

    Stricter requirements for reporting security incidents within 24 hours, including the final report

  • Stricter penalties for legal violations Warnings

action instructions, or cease and desist orders in case of non-compliance.

As a distributor of reliable IT solutions, we offer several products. These include the Web Application Firewall from Barracuda Networks, Xopero ONE or Xopero Backup Appliance from a Polish manufacturer, and Whalebone Immunity, a reliable resolver for DNS protection.

Web Application

WAF is a security solution that serves as an application firewall, designed to protect web applications from attacks, application security vulnerabilities, and malicious activities. It functions as a filter between the application and the network, monitoring and analyzing incoming and outgoing traffic to identify and block potential threats.

Reliable backup

Backup is a copy of data stored on a server or in computers. A backup is prepared to protect against the consequences of losing such data. And there can be many reasons for data loss. A failure in the company hosting our website or a cybercriminal attack on the network infrastructure is enough. Backup copies guarantee the continuity of an institution’s operations.

Whalebone DNS

DNS protection

DNS, or the Domain Name System, is a service that associates a domain with the IP address of a given server. It allows an internet user to access a specific website without knowing its exact IP address. Any domain can be easily forged, thus data can be stolen from an entity. A DNS resolver ensures the security of users.

Web Application Firewall - protection

Xopero ONE - Reliable backup

DNS protection with Whalebone Immunity