Behind every successful server, there’s a strong backup

Our solution

You’re no doubt aware that data must be kept safe, but how you do this has a major impact.

The first important factor is how often you can make a backup. This varies from once a day to maintaining a real-time copy, so only a few seconds of data are lost if a problem occurs. Here, you also have to think about where your data is stored; this might be taking a tape from the office, or safely storing all data in the cloud.

A second important factor is how quickly you can restore all your data after a “disaster” and allow everyone to get back to work.

Our customers

Kappa Data’s customers always purchase the products and then resell them. Traditionally, these are IT resellers.

In addition to the traditional IT reseller, Kappa Data also supplies products to integrators of picking systems, camera systems, cashier systems and other systems. An integrator needs no in-depth product knowledge at all; a technical presales and support team are on head to assist each partner with development and integration. End customers, on the other hand, are referred to the most suitable, agreed, partner.

Our method

Each partner is unique, so the way we work together is adapted accordingly. Some of Kappa Data’s partners only need boxes shifting from one place to another but that is not our principal aim. In addition to the partner’s services, Kappa Data can carry out site planning, investigate network issues, or provide an extra pair of hands to help bridge a difficult period. Kappa Data doesn’t install devices; it limits itself to configuration and measurement.

Why choose Kappa Data?

Technical expertise

Kappa Data supports resellers and customers with comprehensive technical expertise, training courses and guidance. Our technical and presales teams are always on hand for you!

Personal touch

At Kappa Data, you enjoy a very personal and professional approach; from rapid quotes to demos and customer-friendly service with regular contact people. We’re here for you.

Uitstekende service

Kappa Data is a value-added distributor that helps you find solutions. We make sure that all the parties involved are happy, and mediate where necessary should conflict arise.

What our customers say

Kappa Data is for us not only “your average distri”, but a real Business Partner. Their unique mix of high technical skills, short-cycle internal organization and personalised service make them a major asset to our gameplay.

Turkoise, Alexis Aubry

Our partners

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