ThingsFlow is Kappa Data's proprietary platform.


Our proprietary IoT platform, with which resellers can get started with IoT quickly and easily.


Configure different types of sensors quickly and easily

No major investments or difficult learning processes

LoRa support

The platform can be completely personalised

Wireless and cloud-based

What is ThingsFlow?

Kappa Data launches ThingsFlow, its own platform on which resellers can quickly and easily get started with their IoT projects.

ThingsFlow will soon be available in 2 versions: ThingsFlow Education and ThingsFlow Lite.

ThingsFlow Lite

With ThingsFlow Lite, you can configure and manage numerous different sensors in no time. In addition, you can easily add dashboards yourself.

Thingsflow Lite is ideal for quickly and easily starting IoT projects, without the need for major investments and difficult learning processes.

ThingsFlow Education

ThingsFlow Education is the perfect tool for measuring air quality in schools. All the information sent by the sensors in the various classrooms is centrally logged and accessible on this platform.

It gives school management an optimal picture of the air quality in their entire school, and means they can make adjustments where necessary. Teachers can receive feedback locally in the classrooms by logging in with a QR code.

Kappa Data resellers have already rolled out a number of projects, including a project with the IVG school in Ghent.

What are the benefits of ThingsFlow?

ThingsFlow Lite is an attractive product which offers good value. IoT projects can be started up in just minutes. In addition, the solution is fully cloud-based, and you enjoy LoRa support. You can create your own dashboard, so the platform can also be completely personalised.

ThingsFlow Education also features a personalisation option. You can select your own sensors, and through this gain insights tailored to the school. Moreover, the platform is wireless and cloud-based.