Efficient Endpoint security – a real challenge!

Efficient Endpoint security – a real challenge!

Cybersecurity programs are becoming increasingly complex as more endpoint devices are introduced into the corporate network. While mobility and ease of communication make it easier to be efficient, they can also pose a challenge in terms of protecting against cybercrime.

Bridging the Gap Between Zero Trust and Zero Touch
Zero Trust is all about ensuring that all traffic within a corporate network, and from outside in, is crystallically checked to see if it is secure or not. And this with minimal personal intervention (Zero Touch).

Together, the components of BlackBerry Cyber Suite form the solution for a Zero Trust enterprise security architecture.
– Endpoint Protection – BlackBerry Protect
– Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) – BlackBerry Optics
– Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – BlackBerry Protect for Mobile
– Analysis of user and entity behavior – BlackBerry Persona

Wondering how BlackBerry Cyber Suite bridges the gap between Zero Trust and Zero Touch? Read all about it in the BlackBerry solution summary (PDF).

Download the BlackBerry Cyber Suite solution brief