Kappa Data supports Digisprong: digitisation plan of education

Kappa Data supports Digisprong: digitisation plan of education

With Digisprong, the Flemish government is working on high-quality digitalisation in education whereby it is important to provide a future-oriented and secure ICT infrastructure for all schools.
With future-oriented ICT, we are gradually thinking beyond the current Covid era and pupils will once again be manning the school desks full-time. For this, pupils and teachers will need wireless access to the network or the internet.

“Good Wi-Fi” can come in different shapes and flavours, yet they all share the same basic premise. It starts with planning, paying attention to where Wi-Fi is needed, and also taking into account the capacity of the network. Kappa Data can assist you with a site survey, which can be carried out virtually by means of a predictive site survey, or on-site, whereby each location can be measured. This is further complemented by our strong Wi-Fi expertise.

In terms of technological completion, there are also various possibilities where choices need to be made. Kappa Data makes use of its Wi-Fi suppliers: Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Commscope/Ruckus and Lancom Systems. Kappa Data can also help you with this choice in order to find your ideal solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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