XMC: the Network Management Tool that does the heavy lifting for you

XMC: the Network Management Tool that does the heavy lifting for you

Network architectures increasingly require multiple Network Management Tools. Configuring and maintaining these different tools can lead to gaps and human error. This leaves organizations vulnerable to security breaches and slow to respond to changes in the network.

Extreme Management Center (XMC) provides one (1) management application to manage the network, no matter where it is located. A suite of tools is accessible through a single dashboard that provides automation and orchestration, regulatory assistance and compliance, analytics, as well as granular control over users, devices and applications from the data center to the edge.

Extreme Management Center Application:

XMC is easy to work with and has excellent security. It is constantly fending off cyber-attacks and notifies IT immediately when a network problem occurs. This tool provides real-time analytics with comprehensive information on user activity that can be used to make well-informed decisions. It also enables administrators to create customer-driven experiences by combining two systems. A single view (single pane of glass) of the entire network is provided by a single dashboard, eliminating all complexity. All in all, this application suite provides a simple and hassle-free experience helping you manage your network in an automated way.

The 5 applications of Extreme Management Center:

  1. ExtremeControl

This application provides easy on-boarding through one integrated user interface. It also provides control and visibility over all users, devices and applications. Proper segmentation of traffic is maintained through extensive virtual networks. These are automatically created on demand and removed when no longer in use.

  1. ExtremeAnalytics

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and telemetry are used so that Administrators can examine network traffic and analyze information. The analysis engine that delivers information through the dashboard has thousands of application fingerprints, making detection and discovery seamless. It also distinguishes between network and application performance to find the causes of any problems. Proactive and historical data keeps IT administrators abreast of potential problems.

  1. ExtremeManagement

Provides a 360° view of users, devices and applications.  It offers zero touch provisioning (ZTP+) and workflow automation to help you bring new infrastructures online quickly.

  1. ExtremeCompliance (Information Governance).

Reviews network configurations across the wired and wireless network for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA compliance guidelines to avoid fines and data breaches.

  1. ExtremeConnect Ecosystem.

Management and control goes beyond Extreme Networks devices. It is an open ecosystem with APIs and supported third party vendors.


Since April 2021, XMC deployments can upgrade to ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine (XIQ-SE). With this upgrade, Extreme Networks offers XMC customers an opportunity to convert to the Cloud in phases. This with a subscription-based business model that does not require changes to be made to the existing infrastructure. By simply upgrading from XMC to ExtremeCloud IQ/ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine (XIQ-SE), you can enjoy all the benefits of SaaS and prepare your network for the future. It maximizes your investment in XMC and provides additional value, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), automated updates and continuous innovation.

Wondering what this upgrade can do for you? Sign up for our webinar ‘From XMC to XIQ-SE’ on Tuesday, May 18th and discover the world of ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine (XIQ-SE) in one hour’s time. Sign up here!