Get the most out of your session – #GETOUTANDMOVE

Get the most out of your session – #GETOUTANDMOVE

Sport can have a positive effect on your work performance. That’s why we encourage our partners to get out and about with #GETOUTANDMOVE. To help you get the most out of your workout, we asked top athlete Jente Hauttekeete* to share his tips & tricks with us. Read them below and get moving!

#1 Drink enough

Don’t just start drinking when you get thirsty! Start early and keep drinking during your session, even if you’re not thirsty yet. Make sure you take several small sips instead of a larger amount at once. Muscle cramps are a sign that you have not drunk enough.

#2 Eat consciously

Do not eat heavy meals shortly before your exercise session. Choose a meal with carbohydrates: pasta, rice, chicken, fish or something with sugar is also allowed. After the session I recommend proteins like a glass of chocolate milk, sports drink or cheese to help the body recover.

#3 There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

So don’t dress too hot or too cold.

#4 Make sure you have a good warm up!

Avoid injuries by paying enough attention to warming up. Warm up your muscles by walking, cycling or hiking, for example. Then do dynamic stretching, i.e. flexibility in the form of swaying, swinging and active exercises. Do short stretches of your muscles several times instead of one-time, long stretches.

It is better to warm up with less clothing and that when stretching you put on something extra to not cool down instead of taking off your clothing after the warm up.

#5 Prevent injuries

If you have a problem somewhere, stop exercising immediately. Depending on the type of injury, you can apply ice or a heat source as first aid. If it persists, consult a doctor or a physiotherapist.

Also make sure you walk with good footwear: a shock absorbing sole and a heel that is higher than the nose of the shoe.

#6 After exercising

Go for a leisurely run, bike ride or walk and then do static stretching (i.e. stretch muscles longer, a 10 – 30 sec).

*Kappa Data is a proud sponsor of the young Jente Hauttekeete. This top talent recently broke the heptathlon world record in the juniors! Read all about it here.