Whitepaper: AI-driven security for a mobile world

Whitepaper: AI-driven security for a mobile world

Did you know that there are more mobile devices in the world than people? And that according to a recent Verizon report, one in three attacks on businesses now involve a mobile device?

Mobile devices are a very attractive entry point for hackers because they can still be easily exploited. These attacks usually go undetected, allowing malware to hide on a device for a very long time and quietly steal data. The rise of mobile malware and cyber attacks is constantly increasing and costs businesses millions every year.

Enterprises can prevent the exploitation of their data by choosing Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions. MTD provides an additional layer of security that prevents, detects, remedies and improves the overall security of an entirely mobile fleet.

A next-generation MTD solution

Blackberry has launched a next-generation MTD solution, BlackBerry PROTECT, which uses AI-driven cyber security to protect mobile devices and simplify the user experience. Want to learn all about this solution? Download our Whitepaper ‘AI-Driven Security for a Mobile World’ using the button below.