Social Distancing

Social distance and proximity tracking tool for businesses

Our solution

Kappa Data launches the ProxiPass on the market: this solution monitors and maps social distancing. The solution is based on an IoT gateway with a LoRaWan interface and 4G card.

The ProxiPass solution consists of hardware components and a licence subscription that is invoiced monthly. A project begins with a starter kit containing a private LoRaWAN gateway to provide your location with the necessary infrastructure. Each starter kit is supplied with 10 badge trackers as standard, which can be expanded with packs of 10. All gateways and badge trackers are preconfigured and linked to your personal ProxiPass application. Device management can be arranged as an option.

Now that society and the world of business are increasingly opening up after the Covid-19 lockdown, it’s important that businesses can meet the necessary safety conditions imposed by the government. The most important condition is to make sure people are respecting social distancing rules. Many businesses face difficulties in guaranteeing social distancing, but ProxiPass offers a solution.

Our customers

Kappa Data’s customers always purchase the products and then resell them. Traditionally, these are IT resellers.

In addition to the traditional IT reseller, Kappa Data also supplies products to integrators of picking systems, camera systems, cashier systems and other systems. An integrator needs no in-depth product knowledge at all; a technical presales and support team are on head to assist each partner with development and integration. End customers, on the other hand, are referred to the most suitable, agreed, partner.

Our method

Needless to say, we have to maintain a distance between each other while Covid-19 is among us. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, or even worse, we’re not always aware that we’re getting too close to one another. Kappa Data supplies several products that monitor social distancing, immediately warn the person involved, and later supply a list of contacts an infected person has put at risk. This does, of course, completely respect GDPR legislation and privacy laws.

Why choose Kappa Data?

Technical expertise

Kappa Data supports resellers and customers with comprehensive technical expertise, training courses and guidance. Our technical and presales teams are always on hand for you!

Personal touch

At Kappa Data, you enjoy a very personal and professional approach; from rapid quotes to demos and customer-friendly service with regular contact people. We’re here for you.

Outstanding service

Kappa Data is a value-added distributor that helps you find solutions. We make sure that all the parties involved are happy, and mediate where necessary should conflict arise.

What our customers say

Choosing Kappa Data means a fast and high-quality service, flexibility, and transparency. Thanks to the short lines of communication, your questions are quickly answered. This, along with the right portfolio, makes Kappa Data a reliable partner with which to evolve.

Telenetgroup, Mark Scheers

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