Extreme Essentials: ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot’s added value

Extreme Essentials: ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot’s added value

ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscribers now get more value for their money. Extreme Networks has added four key applications to the platform that are essential for network management. With these applications organizations get an all-in-one platform for wired and wireless management, business insights, location tracking, wireless security, seamless IoT onboarding, and guest access through a single user interface.

(1) ExtremeLocation Essentials – easy workflow and asset monitoring to help improve overall operations and efficiency.

(2) ExtremeAirDefense Essentials – simplifies the protection, monitoring and compliance of your Wireless LAN networks.

(3) ExtremeGuest Essentials – provides secure guest onboarding and analytics.

(4) ExtremeIoT Essentials – protect high risk, wired IoT devices.

Curious about Extreme Essential applications and what they can do for your organization? Watch our on-demand webinar now.