A solution that monitors and maps social distancing


Social distancing


Proximity badge with buzzer and LoRaWan

Rapid tracing in case of virus infection

What is the ProxiPass?

Kappa Data launches the ProxiPass on the market: this solution monitors and maps social distancing.

The solution is based on the Option CloudGate, a multi-deployable IoT gateway that has been part of Kappa Data’s portfolio for some time.

For this application, the CloudGate is equipped with a LoRaWan interface and a 4G card.

What solution does the ProxiPass offer?

The ProxiPass™ solution consists of hardware components and a monthly invoiced licence subscription.

Every project begins with a starter kit. This contains a private LoRaWAN gateway to provide your location with the infrastructure required.

Each starter kit is supplied with 10 badge trackers as standard, which can be expanded with packs of 10.

All gateways and badge trackers are pre-configured and linked to your personal ProxiPass ™ application. Device management can be arranged as an option.

What are the benefits of the ProxiPass?

ProxiPass makes social distancing monitoring very easy. The proximity tracing provides all the people present with a personal badge that they leave on continuously.

The badge has two functions. Firstly, it acts as a buzzer that sounds an alarm if people get too close to each other. This detection uses Bluetooth technology, with adjustable time and distance.

The second function of the ProxiPass tool is to send data via LoRaWan. This transmits information to the secure gateway, which in turn is connected to a central platform where all this data is collected and analysed.

If an employee turns out to be infected, an overview can be made quickly of others who have been in contact with him/her (frequently and for a longer period of time).