Barracuda Networks acquires Fyde

Barracuda CloudGen Access

Barracuda Networks acquires Fyde

With the acquisition of Fyde, a US/Portuguese company, Barracuda is strengthening its CloudGen Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform with Zero-Trust capabilities that secure remote access to enterprise applications. The Fyde solution is immediately available to all Barracuda partners and end customers and is named CloudGen Access. The solution is applicable to both SMB and enterprise organisations.

Barracuda - CloudGen Access


Fyde’s innovative Zero Trust solution provides secure, reliable and fast access to applications in the cloud or on-premises, with any device and from any location. This ZTNA solution addresses the security risks of traditional remote access techniques by ensuring that only the right person, on the right device, with the right permissions can access corporate applications and data. The solution is ideally suited to give users direct access to cloud and legacy applications running in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“We continue to work remotely, organisations are accelerating their cloud migrations and traditional corporate outer limits have disappeared,” said BJ Jenkins, President and CEO of Barracuda. “Fyde offers a powerful ZTNA solution that works on any infrastructure, on any device and with any application on the corporate network. With this acquisition, Barracuda offers organisations a new solution to modernise their remote access and enforce security and access policies across the organisation, for seamless connectivity without impacting productivity.”

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