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Who is Barracuda?

More than 200,000 international customers rely on Barracuda to protect their businesses against a wide variety of online threats.

The company is also constantly innovating to deliver the security technology of the future today.

What solutions does Barracuda offer?

Barracuda offers easy and affordable solutions for e-mail, application, cloud security, network security and data protection solutions.

E-mail security

More than 75% of targeted cyber-attacks start with an e-mail. These attacks interrupt business activities, cause financial damage, and compromise business integrity.

Barracuda protects businesses’ e-mail infrastructures with multiple layers of protection, including gateway defence, e-mail resilience, fraud protection, and user security awareness.

Data security

Modern complex infrastructures and targeted cyber-attacks require a complete backup strategy that protects your data, whether held locally or in the cloud.

Barracuda Backup is easy to configure and manage, and is a true “set it, and forget it” solution for total peace of mind.

Network and Application Security

Eliminate advanced and zero-day threats that bypass traditional IPS and antivirus engines with Barracuda CloudGen Firewall’s neatly integrated firewall technology.

Take advantage of application profiling, intrusion prevention, web filtering, advanced threat and malware protection, anti-spam and full network access control.