European wireless communications based on quality and trust

Lancom LW-600 test

European wireless communications based on quality and trust

Nearly every organization uses Wi-Fi solutions. Wireless communication is convenient, efficient and fast, and the security standards of wireless networks do not differ from those of wired networks. However, the multitude of wireless systems on the market and low customer awareness of the principles of design and selection of devices cause great difficulty in choosing the right solution that will meet all the needs of the investor. Many users perceive wireless network as an addition to “the proper and basic” wired network. It is time to change this image!

Where the devil can’t go… Wi-Fi will go

Wireless systems are used wherever there is a need for a mobile connection to the network (offices, warehouses, manufacturing, theme parks, hotels, etc.). In all of these applications a good wireless network design, done by a certified designer, using Wi-Fi measurement and visualization tools, is crucial.

Having the design ready, we should choose the equipment that meets our requirements, i.e. ensures: scalability and predictability of maintenance costs, return on investment, manufacturer’s technical support, stability and security in operation. LANCOM Systems is a European manufacturer of LAN and WLAN solutions for all business requirements and is the local answer to the ubiquity of American and Chinese products.

Peace of mind for years with LANCOM Systems

In addition to excellent technical support, LANCOM Systems offers access points manufactured in Germany that meet the sector standards (including medical standards and certifications) required by European law. Importantly, as a European manufacturer, LANCOM only offers 100% rodo compliant solutions – giving a written guarantee for no hidden access and no “Master Password”. This is a key argument for customers in the public sector – with LANCOM Systems’ solutions, we have a guarantee that sensitive data will not be used by services without our knowledge or shared with the manufacturer. LANCOM’s offer includes Wi-Fi 5 access points (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards) and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), controllers (supporting up to 1000 APs), switches, routers, firewalls.

The management system works from an application, a browser or from the cloud, whereby the cloud is located in the European Union and meets the requirements of the rodo. LANCOM Systems provides flexibility in the choice of management – if you want to abandon local management and move to the cloud, this is possible and does not require the replacement of equipment. Similarly, in the case of moving from cloud to local management.

For customers in the public sector, a very important argument when choosing a manufacturer of Wi-Fi devices is the cost of maintaining the wireless network in the perspective of 5-7 years, i.e. the minimum lifetime. LANCOM Systems guarantees financial security – the purchase cost, in the case of local management, is the only expense that the investor bears. The manufacturer provides firmware updates free of charge and for life, and the investor knows at the time of purchase how much the wireless network will cost him.

LANCOM Flight TEST – test with us

Together with the manufacturer, we invite you to test a set of Wi-Fi 6 devices – LANCOM LW-600. A technical training on configuration will be held on 21.04.2022 – the link to register for the event can be found here.

Each participant will receive a LANCOM LW-600 device for testing before the training, and in addition, if the participant registers a project with LANCOM and purchases a solution by the end of May 2022, they keep the device with them.