Xopero provides state-of-the-art solutions for securing data against data loss, the effects of ransomware attacks, hardware and system failures.


Securing enpoints

Securing servers

Securing VMware

Securing Microsoft365


Comprehensive backap specialist of various environments

Business partner of T-mobile, Orange, Asseco, among others.

Polish product compliant with GDPR

Work only with trusted data centers

Securing enpoints

Fast computer backup and data recovery. Viruses, ransomware attacks, human error, crashes and natural disasters – these are the threats your hardware faces every day. Back up your Windows, Mac and Linux devices – locally or in the cloud. If needed, data recovery will take a while.


Secure your servers

Servers store your most important business data – make sure you instantly create encrypted backups of your server data, save them to the storage of your choice (local or cloud) and, if needed, restore individual files, applications or entire systems even faster.


VMware security

The most cost-effective Vmware backup. Securing your virtual environment shouldn’t be expensive or complicated. Agentless Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery for VMware vSphere will meet the needs of even the most demanding business, and it’s easy to use and cost-effective.


Microsoft365 security

Complete Microsoft 365 backup. secure your Exchange data – messages, attachments, contacts, tasks and your organization’s OneDrive files and folders – and don’t worry about losing them. Unlimited retention will allow you to keep as many copies as you want, and granular restoration – restore all or selected resources as you wish.